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Master & Transform a System

Technical Data Lineage

IT Debt Detection

Automated Migrations

A SaaS software,
with automated processes for effective action!

Security : Only Metadata

The collected metadata is automatically pushed to the {openAudit} Cloud process server to be parsed. Data usage logs can be anonymized.

Light Processes, Continuously Replayed

All metadata is parsed at the delta so that analyses are performed daily, as close to the reality of the Information System as possible.

Handling Disruptions in Flows

All potential disruptions (semantic layers, FTP transfers, views, dynamic procedures, etc.) are handled through structural reconciliations, log captures, etc., for a complete representation of the flows.

6 features to transform a system

How {openAudit} Can Help You Address Complex Issues.

An indicator is calculated incorrectly: I can trace back through the flows within the entire system and identify the problem's origin in the code: "drill through."
GDPR: I can instantly know the individuals or machines accessing specific personal data, possibly inappropriately.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP): I can determine if sensitive data is being requested inappropriately by a person or machine somewhere in the system.
Migrating my data visualization: I can decommission a legacy data visualization technology, typically SAP BO, and migrate to a current technology like Looker or Power BI.
Migrating my data flows: I can decommission a data storage technology, typically Cobol or Oracle, and migrate to the Cloud: GCP, Redshift, etc.
Reducing Cloud costs: I can identify tables, files, and dashboards that are not in use, along with all associated processes, and decommission them.