Migrate the DataFlow or DataViz layer

Data storage or data visualization technologies have accumulated over time. Some of these technologies are outdated, or are not well supported in the Cloud. You have to migrate.
Unfortunately, the volumes and intrinsic complexity of certain technologies make these projects excessively complex and expensive.
We offer solutions to automate these migrations. We implement them on a fixed price basis.

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Automatically migrate data storage technologies to the Cloud

We have developed a unique methodology to automate database system migrations. The unique system introspection capabilities of {openAudit}, particularly in legacy technologies, make it possible to reconstruct this complexity in the target system, often in the Cloud.

Create standard SQL from source technology

{openAudit} “parses” the source code, and breaks down all the complexity of the code. For example, in PL/SQL, T-SQL or in Cobol. All the subtleties will be taken into consideration. On this basis, {openAudit} will produce “standard SQL”.

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Rebuilding Intelligence in Target Technology

{openAudit} will reconstruct the intelligence at a minimum in the specific SQL of the target database (for example Redshift for Amazon, Azure SQL for Microsoft, etc.). All complex processing, not reproducible in simple SQL, will be controlled by an executable.

Use cases

Migrate from Oracle to Postgre by automating the process, for a fixed price!

Take back control of your Cobol assets / migrate

Migrate data visualization technologies to the Cloud in an automated way

{openAudit}, by relying on the exceptional introspection capabilities of certain data visualization technologies, makes it possible to automate the process of “reconstruction” of the platform in the target technology: intelligence and layout. In particular, we have extensive experience in migrations between SAP BO and Power BI from Microsoft, or SAP BO to Looker from Google.

Granular analysis of DataViz technology in source

{openAudit} will automatically recover all of the instructions that are passed into the DataViz technology at the source, at the intelligence or layout level.

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Automated migration to target DataViz technology

{openAudit} reconstructs intelligence in a fully automated way based on the target technology: variables, expressions, etc. The structure of the initial dashboard is also reproduced in the target technology.

Migrations of business rules to the target DWH

Part of the intelligence from the source dashboards is moved into the DataFlows of the target platform, to factorize data prep, and thus massively reduce complexity.

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Mass non-regression tests

{openAudit} runs the dashboards in bulk, before migration and after migration, then compare the results (content and form) to validate the quality of the migration.

Use cases

Migrate from SAP BO to Looker, by automating the process, on a fixed price basis

Migrate from SAP BO to Power BI, automatically, on a fixed price basis

SAP BO: Automate, Optimize migration; And minimize regressions!

SQL to automate DataViz layer migration