About Ellipsys

Ellipsys was founded by Samuel Morin in 2013 in Luxembourg. Ellipsys primarily develops the solution {openAudit}, which aims to provide visibility into the complexity of Information Systems. Indeed, the evolution of these systems is becoming increasingly challenging to manage: growing volumes of data, a multitude of technologies, more complex and heterogeneous processes, and intricate interconnections that may not necessarily align with the intended use of this information.

Ellipsys' initial ambition was to automate the analysis of these Information Systems, empower technical teams to enhance them, make them simpler, and facilitate migrations. Today, our ambition goes even further as we offer our clients the opportunity to establish a genuine virtuous cycle by streamlining data transformation processes towards information frugality (while also being energy-efficient) to reduce costs and the risks of sensitive data breaches.

Our expertise has greatly expanded, particularly in the realm of technical data lineage, information usage, and cost, allowing us to address the core of technical architectures, whether on-premises or in the Cloud: databases, ETL/ELT processes, and data visualization tools.

Our team is primarily composed of IT engineers, all passionate about research and development... and delivering meaningful client impact!